Wood Spirit, Cedar Wand With Tangerine Quartz and River Stone

With this wand, I set out to capture the essence of forest, wilderness, and spirit. I carved the visage of a fatherly wood spirit into the handle and then decided to leave the bark still on the branch. Instead of stain, I simply applied several coats of linseed oil to bring out the texture of the cedar bark and to illuminate the carving.

Cedar wood cleanses negativity. Cedar has been linked with the greek goddess of the underworld Persephone. King Solomon used cedar to build the great Temple of Jerusalem.

The reservoir stone is a river-smooth stone from the confluence of the Columbia and Kootenay rivers. River stones carry with them the element of water which gave them their shape.  Such stones are agents of strength, femininity, balance, and change. The leather tassel ends with a piece of beaded quartz. The crystal at the wand’s tip is a point of tangerine quartz. Tangerine quartz is associated with the soul, healing trauma, releasing limiting beliefs, and the psychic.


One thought on “Wood Spirit, Cedar Wand With Tangerine Quartz and River Stone

  1. Jeffery Hinrichs says:

    Your work is beautiful. I too gather and craft from Nature’s wonderful gifts. I appreciate the way you gather your materials and how you respect the spirits of each branch and stone you harvest. I live in Montana, so we are neighbors, of a sort. This part of the world offers such a bounty of powerful and wonderful treasures.
    At Your Service,

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