Oak ‘Rose’ Wand with Quartz with Hematite Pommel

Purchase From Etsy

Carved along the handle of this long oak wand is a red
rose on a forest green stem. Roses are of course a symbol of abundant love and are often used to create warmth and harmony. Because the carving only covers the handle, the length of the wand is quite plain.

Oak is a tree of wisdom and healing. Oak symbolizes sovereignty, abundance, and power. It has many magickal properties and there is no finer wood for wand making.

The reservoir stone is quartz with hematite inclusions. Quartz is a power stone, amplifying healing or magick energies. Quartz has traditionally been used for protection and healing as well as to aid the properties of other stones.
Hematite is a grounded, stable stone. Perhaps because of its properties of self-repair, hematite is most often used in healing

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