Fir Wand with Purple Ruby Pommel and Citrine Point.

Purchace From Etsy

This long fir wand has a simple vine wrapped around the shaft. An eternal evergreen, fir is a wood of longevity and also of protection. Fir is also one of the nine sacred woods burned in a traditional sabbat fire. The wand is tipped with a small citrine point. Citrine is an energizing stone which transforms negative energy and feelings into positive ones. It is incapable of holding negative energy. Because of its golden orange colour, Citrine is associated with solar energy. Citrine encourages new beginnings and pursuits. The reservoir stone is an unpolished purple ruby. Another energizing stone, ruby balances the heart and encourages a passion for life. Ruby also clears the mind and aids in concentration as well as overcoming stress. Ruby is the second hardest gemstone in existence. It has always been associated with romantic love, commitment, and intimacy.

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