Cedar Bifröst Wand with Pyrite Pommel

This wand is inspired by the Bifröst from Norse mythology; the fiery rainbow bridge connecting Midgard to Asgard, land of the gods. This wand aids in contact with the gods and high realms.
The magickal meanings of the runes on its shaft from bottom to tip:

Thurisaz; pure, unfettered will.

Ansuz; Rune of communication and incantations.    ​

Lagaz; Intuition and Imagination.

Sigel; Pure Willpower. Sigel is placed a the tip tohelp manifest your ​will into the world.

The reservoir stone is rough pyrite. Pyrite is a stoneof manifestation. Elementally, it contains both the Fire of the Bifröst, and the Earth of Midgard. It is high energy and yet, at the same time grounding.

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