Predawn Footprints

overhead a slow accumulation
of white drifts on frozen sky
dancing in the air formlessly
fated to sink beneath
black heels, rubber spiked

predawn streetlamps
far less electric
than their daytime cousins
hold close promises of pale slumber

with each breath of frigid air
the snowplowed banks encourage
my breaking of new earth

each heretical footprint
leaving behind ice-blue

shadows on the carpet Continue reading


Somewhere in the stacks
all answers surely lie.

Within these book-lined walls
the printed words appear infallible.

Bound in illustrated manuals
once stamped by printing blocks
— gold foiled.

Dust jacket PhD’s promise wholeness
for the price of $19.99
— softcover.

The storefront clerk offers insight,
assaying each by way of conversation.

For a lust for truth will go un-sated
on pyrite printed letters.

The second issue of The Black Bear review came out last month featuring an appropriately titled poem by yours truly. The magazine is quite literally a work of art with phenomenal displays of colour and artistry alongside the literary works of a great number of talented writers. Some of those writers shared a classroom with me this year, and call me biased, theirs are some of the wittiest and most moving pieces in the collection.

The cover art Guilt Trip by Jesse Stasiuk blew me away. The quality of this first print issue of the magazine itself is superb. I am very proud to have my work featured alongside so many brilliant pieces. Many thanks to everyone involved with the project and Selkirk’s creative writing faculty.


Morning Reflections

There are a lot of thoughts,

A lot of colours here today;

More so than usual.

I sit on the railed walkway that frames the sea,

Looking out at the vast plains of water,

Dyed crimson by the rising sun.

They allow my eyes to see,

Through their portals, into dreams.

Those silver pathways to the Divine.

An Unexpected Portal

The sands of elemental time,

Flowing into fate.

Starburst of light.

Morning dew glistens on lake-smooth-pebbles.

Mists crawl across shimmering pavement.

An ethereal portal; gateway to Heaven.

Uncertain, but propelled, she slips in.

Timeless light sweeps by.

No stopping now.

The Other calls.

A ringing chant of welcome.

The smell of perfume on morning dew.

Worlds meet at dawn.


Swallows fly in skies of blue.

A trail of sun-dust, an evening hue.

Swooping fast, they circle me.

Chasing each other, they dive for the sea.

The mermaid’s tones transform all three,

As they fall ‘neath the waves at skeleton quay.

Azure dolphins fly with grace,

Through the towers of this watery place.

The volcanic fires scorch the trees,

The salamander grins; more fire please.

They blink their eyes and turn to dust,

As they sink beneath the earthen crust.