Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

This game is loosely based upon the TV show Deep Space Nine. As Ben Sisco, captain of the USS Defiant, it is your job to stop the dominion fighters from taking over Federation Space. You play on a team of defiant class star ships verse another team of AI dominion fighters. Fight your way through 10 challenging levels that will test your strategy and planning as well as you ability to fight well. Good luck on your mission, “Live long and prosper.”


Granted, neither the friendly federation ships nor the hostile dominion fighters are all that brilliant, but this battle simulating fan game is a good combination of complicated intelligence systems and battle mechanics. While I have made several arcade games in the past, this one challenged me to create a game which balances the complexity of a battle system with the easy play style of most arcade games. I poured my love for the series and my passion for the arcade and top down shooter genres into this project and the result was deemed good enough to classify as my first fully completed video game.

Play Game On Game Jolt.

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