Customizing Your Wand

If you would like to have a wand which is more personalized, then this is the article for you as this page is all about creating the wand which is right for you. Your wand is a very personal tool and as such should fit your personality. The look and feel of your wand should feel natural to you. There is quite a lot to consider when entering into the creation of a wand. Let’s begin by defining the different parts of a wand. The beginning of the wand is called the pommel. This is the part of the handle which extends past the wrist when held.

Parts of a Wand.

Parts of a Wand. Image courtesy of “Wandlore” by Alferion Gwydion MacLir.

A reservoir stone may be mounted at the tip of the pommel. This crystal serves as a connection between the wand and its wielder. The next part of the wand is the handle. This can be smooth, carved with intricate patterns or wrapped in wool or leather. The main section of the wand is called the shaft. This can be plain and elegant, but most often is where the main pattern, symbols, or letters are placed. Finally, we come to the point. While most wands are either tapered or have a crystal point mounted at the end, some wands have shapes carved into them. Common shapes are; stars, lotus tips, animal heads, and even phalli. These sections are not hard and fast and on some wands it is impossible to tell where one begins and the other ends.

Types of Wood

I like to work with branches that have fallen from local trees. I collect the branches I find and let them cure indoors. This means the choices of wood I have available to me are limited by what I currently have available. The best method for a personalised wand is to use a branch which speaks to you. I will happily create a wand from any branch you present me with.

Crystal Points and Reservoir Stones

Equally as important as the type of wood you choose is the stone(s) you choose to compliment it. Crystals should be selected based on their magickal properties. If you have a favourite crystal which works well with you, then that is a great choice to include in your wand. For the point of a wand I like to keep things simple. A clear quartz or citrine point are my go to crystals. These are great energy stones and will help manifest your will. For the reservoir stone, I find that tumbled stones often work best. This stone is the one which should resonate with you personally. The attributes of this wand go a long way in forming the metaphysical makeup of your wand. Remember, more expensive does not mean more powerful, choose a stone based on your connection with it rather than its rarity.

Symbols, Patterns, and Inscriptions

There are entire books which are filled with symbols and their many meanings. There are many mystical symbols you can use to adorn your wand. Rather than try and list them all, I will instead provide but a few examples. For more information on ancient magickal and religious symbols, visit the Symbol Dictionary.

The Runes are a Powerful Magickal Alphabet. Image courtesy of

Symbols Associated with Wicca. Clockwise from top left; Pentacle, Triple Goddess, Horned God, Paleo Goddess, Triquetra, and Triskellion.

Symbols Associated with Wicca. Clockwise from top left; Pentacle, Triple Goddess, Horned God, Paleo Goddess, Triquetra, and Triskellion.

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