Creating a Westerosi Duet: The Rains of Castemere

When I made “The Dragonborn Comes” music video, I recorded the video after the audio since the scene took place outside next to a busy road. One problem which I encountered was that the cold Canadian weather made accurately playing the ocarina impossible. I had to carefully cut the video to hide the mistakes. Even so, some of the finger movements that did make it into the final video don’t quite align with their audio counterparts. This time around I was determined to learn from my mistake, so I filmed myself recording the two tracks I wanted to use for the video in real time. I filmed against a wooden wall which helped hide the seam between the two videos, and actually allowed me to reposition the two since they overlapped.

Since “The Rains of Castemere” is best known for its ominous role during Red Wedding, I drew my inspiration for the look of the video from the scene itself. I added the balcony railing and Lannister tourney banners on the wall in post using images from the internet. I chose an aggressive colour grade to give a flickering firelight effect and a harsh vignette to darken the footage.

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