3D Models

Mechanical Fanboy

A cartoonish blend of complicated characters and choreography with simplistic texturing  and mood, this short animation incorporates both an extensive portion of my current repertoire and passions into a modern, albeit mechanical dance video. This piece was also the final project for my high school modelling class. The music is a skyrim and morrowind soundtrack remix.

Nightmare Wishing Well

A fun attempt to create a public statue design led to this hellish wishing well. Any public park official would have to be insane to allow me to erect such a construct, but thankfully that is not on my agenda.  I sleep well at night knowing that this was never animated

Big Orange Bridge

Most postcards from my hometown of Nelson BC feature this vibrant bridge somewhere in the background. Modeling the bridge in it’s entirety was a real challenge, placing each hole correctly required a great attention to detail. By far my largest build to date, this exercise in array and mirroring techniques slowly grew into the historic landmark of my childhood.

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